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February 2001

Using Resources to achieve RESULTS
By Dale Berry, CP Results Coach™

One of the most common challenges to achieving RESULTS is knowing where and how to get the help and advice to achieve your goals. Whether you are trying to overcome a hardship or taking on a new challenge, your chances for success are always increased if you can tap into resources.

The key to any success is to open yourself to new ideas, new concepts and new solution to maximize your potential. Stop trying to create a new solution all by yourself and start asking questions and do some basic research on how you can achieve your RESULTS. If this is a new challenge, or something that you have been unable to accomplish in the past, does it not stand to reason that you may need some help to ensure your success? Do some research by checking resources on the Internet, or do it the old fashion way and go the library. Look in the paper, the yellow pages; ask a friend or a family member, the important thing is to explore resources to educate yourself on techniques and skills that assist you in achieving your RESULTS.

Take New Years Resolutions for example. Statistics show that under 30% of people that make resolutions achieve some level of success…that means that 7 out of 10 do not achieve any resolution RESULTS what-so-ever. One of the top reasons for failing at achieving a New Years resolution is lack of support. You will always have a better your chances of success if you use some resources to help you create a strategy and game plan to ensure success. There is an excellent resource you can access that has been created specifically to assist you in achieving New Years resolutions, it can be found at http://www.hiaspire.com/newyear. This site is an excellent example of what a good resource should be. It has helpful hints for numerous resolutions, it provides links to other web sites that will provide additional information and it has a free service that will send you occasional e-mails to remind you about your resolution and continue to provide new resources regarding your goal.

The bottom line is, regardless of what your goal may be, you will always increase your chances of success if you do some research and access some resources. The best resource varies from one situation to the next. It may be a good book to help you learn the basic knowledge you require or perhaps what you need is someone to motivate you and keep your attitude on track. If it is a skill you are lacking, consider taking a class or workshop to learn what you need to be better at.

When taking on a challenge, write these questions on a piece of paper and then physically write down the answers:

  • Do I need to acquire knowledge, a new skill or a new attitude to achieve my goal?

  • Who do I know that has some experience that will help me in achieving my goal?

  • Where can I find out some information that will help me?

  • What could I be doing differently to better my chances of success?

Your ability to achieve RESULTS will be heavily influenced by your ability to truthfully make the statement "I am using the right resources to help me achieve my goal". If you are not utilizing some type of resources then your are selling yourself short. Resources will deliver RESULTS.

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